Formed amidst the vibrant music scene of Philadelphia in 1999, Acez emerged as a quintessential jam band, blending the raw energy of classic rock with the improvisational spirit of the 60s and 70s. Comprised of seasoned musicians with a shared passion for electrifying performances, ACEZ quickly captivated audiences with their infectious grooves and soulful melodies. The band is comprised of Al Fischer on guitar/vocals, Chris Roessner on guitar/vocals, Ray Liberatore on bass/vocals, Tino DiMichele on guitar and Josh Lassoff  on drums. With influences ranging from the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers to Pink Floyd and the Beatles, ACEZ crafted a repertoire that paid homage to the classics while forging a distinctive sound of their own. Despite lineup changes and the passage of time, ACEZ legacy endures. As they embark on their 25th year, their music continues to inspire new generations of fans young and old.